Monday, October 4, 2010


d instant u stood b4 me
i luv ur stare
though i cried yesterday
2day, bcoz of u
2moro..i'll be happy
its not ur face
its not ur
all i needed was a soft love
all d days dat past
i'll 4get it
without u
not even a day
only luv
all i knw is LOVE...

my mind is so bad
dat all i knw is u
u, who is lookin at another person
u dun even knw those feelin i have
i'm probably not part of ur days

u probably dun even have any memories of me either
who i keep lookin at
my tears keep fallin
coz i'm happy juz lookin at u frm behind
even if u still dun knw hw i feel
in d end
even if u pass me by
on d days i miss u so much
on d days wer its so hard to deal wit
d words,I LOVE YOU
keep lingering on d tips of my lips
once again i'm cryin for u...alone
and i'm missin u..alone
i'm waitin for u
here, now and forever

(Boys Over Flowers)

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